Balanced Bliss was originally launched in 2013 under the name, “But Do They Have RANCH?”.

Many of the principles that governed “But Do They Have RANCH?”, and my daily life, still apply. For example, I still love ranch dressing. I still cautiously approach new experiences, and often times you will find me cloaking myself in the familiarity of routine. However, I have now experienced something that many, many others, have experienced as well: I lost myself.

I lost myself trying to save the world. That first job at a nonprofit, it will get you every time.

I became so dedicated to the mission, to the children, to the good work that the community desperately needs, to the good work that doesn’t ever seem to be enough, that I lost myself. I no longer slept. I forgot to eat. I ate too much. I lost my friends, but don’t worry – I replaced them with animals (note to self: when you’re working too much to live your life, don’t take on the responsibility of another one). I cried. I cried a lot.

Balanced Bliss is the realization that the only people who can save the world are the ones who recognize that bliss – perfect happiness – is something worth creating, not only in the world, but also in themselves.

Balanced Bliss will serve as a faithful companion along my journey to change the world, while maintaining balance in my personal life. I will challenge myself – both thoughtfully and creatively. I will fervently embark on new adventures, but always remember to think critically about social justice issues. I will foster that special place in my heart reserved for helping others, but remind myself that it is still just that – my heart.

This blog is my account, or rather my reminder, that life is too short to lose yourself. You’re only chance to save the world lies in your ability to fiercely dedicate yourself to balancing bliss.

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  1. That was so beautiful to read, so honest. It takes most people a long time to gain that understanding. I am so glad you are my granddaughter. love GK

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